To enrich our collection, we appeal to private and institutional donations and encourage producers, artists, distributors, producers and film associations to provide us with their films. We are also interested in colonial found footage and old super 8 tapes from Arabic countries – if you have something you think we might be interested in, please email us at info@cinematheque to discuss it.

The Cinematheque de Tanger will archive the original (film, DVD, and Beta) and scan the media to ensure its preservation. The digital media are stored in a secure digital server designed specifically for the CdT by Boost Up, developer of digital solutions for the Festival de Cannes.

Filing your works in our archive also implies the transfer of non-commercial distribution rights within the framework of the CdT. Your works may also be viewed by researchers and members of the CdT.

Balcon Atlantico by Hicham Falah and Mohamed Chrif Tribak, Morocco, 2003
Balcon Atlantico by Hicham Falah and Mohamed Chrif Tribak, Morocco, 2003


The primary mission of the archive is to preserve and distribute both contemporary and classic Maghrebi and Arabic film and video. Dedicated to features, short films, documentaries, and artist videos, as well as amateur and experimental cinema, our archives are intended to provide a common collective memory and to be disseminated to the widest possible audience. This collection is accessible on site at the CdT, and also features in regularly programmed cycles, both inside and outside the CdT’s walls.