To arouse the curiosity of children and give them a taste of quality films through the discovery of films from the past and today.

To educate the eye and develop critical thinking and visual culture amongst the youngest.

To develop speaking and expression of feelings and listen to others through discussion.

To develop tomorrow's young cinephiles and give them a taste of quality films while introducing them to real theaters.

For whom?

Nurseries, primary schools, and secondary schools: a customised programme for everyone!


In proposing a way in to film, carefully selected and projected in the best conditions. An educational take will capture their attention and develop critical thinking amongst children.
In response to requests from teachers, we develop programmes of specific films. We can work with themes or works studied in class (literature, history, environment, Spanish, English...).

During school hours: Tuesday to Saturday between 8.30am and 5pm. We can accommodate up to 300 students for a session.

What price?

Each student pays 10 dhs per film. This way cinema is made accessible to everyone. Chaperones attend free of charge.


In a prestigious and quality venue: the Cinémathèque de Tanger (Cinema Rif) Place du Grand Socco, to discover cinema’s past in Morocco and encourage more young people to assume cultural practice, sharing and a social bond.

To sign up your classes, please contact the department coordinator for Youth Outreach: jeunepublic@cinemathequedetanger.com or 05 39 93 46 83